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For this project, we needed to tune with the client on a common wave, to find out what his idea is and where he wants to move. That we managed very successfully, as well as able to provide capable and quality suppliers of graphics and text. For this project, we have set up a great team that has managed to bring the client's ideas into reality. It was not always easy job, but everything has ended successfully and the client was very satisfied with the result.


What we have achieved:

The client has been fully identified with our intention of the new form of Baumit magazine. We have also succeeded in increasing the investment to use higher quality images, paper, print and binding. The tangible result is a high quality, reputable magazine for Baumit's business partners.

What was the goal of working with a client?

The Czech Baumit, supported by the Austrian headquarters, manufactures and sells building materials for the entire building. It has been operating on the Czech market since 1993 and currently offers system solutions for facades, plasters, screeds and concrete, as well as products and systems for tiling wall and floor. For the company Baumit, we have prepared a printed magazine that goes into the hands of partner companies, builders and architects as well as existing or potential investors and developers. The main purpose was to improve the graphic design of the Baumit magazine.

Enhancement of the formal elaboration of the publication: new layout, high-quality images, fine-tuned graphics and DTP layout, glued binding.
Stylistic content editing by professional copywriters to make the articles readable and replace listing of technical information and numbers.
Raising the publication within the entire content-marketing strategy, when Baumit magazine can rank alongside design and quality lifestyle magazines.


„Despite all the complications and short deadlines, Focus has done a good job, and we now have the best Baumit magazine ever released.“

Bc. George Pandeyan   /   Chief Marketing Manager, Baumit

During the realization...

First, we explored in detail the processing of the previous edition of the printed Baumit magazine. Its graphic design, image quality, used paper and binding. We focused on the stylistics and authenticity of texts in terms of content. Then we compared the style and purpose of the overall communication of reference business magazines in the field. Based on analysis and comparison, we created a new, original layout of publication, including individual visual elements, so that the Baumit magazine's graphics and content level can be measured with the best corporate magazines on the market. The content has been written by professional copywriters who, based on background material provided by Baumit specialists, have created expert and trend articles. After the client's approval of the content and graphic design, we ensured the quality printing of the magazine.

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