Czech Society of Hemophilia

Campaign for support therapy haemophilia

During the campaign, we worked intensively with professional guarantors and patients, patients' associations and ambassadors. Doctors have shared editorials about treatment of their haemophilia patients; some have appeared on television or on regional radio. We also involved the haemophiliacs themselves in to media relations, to describe their lives with this serious illness.

Results? Look at them.

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What we have achieved:

The campaign for the Czech Society of Hemophilia and Hemojunior has achieved excellent results in media coverage and helped significantly raise awareness of the disease among the general public. We have also managed to get funds for partial financing of the campaign.

What was the goal of working with a client?

Haemophilia is a hereditary disease that causes poor blood clotting and excessive bleeding. Worldwide, this disease affects around 400,000 people, of which nearly 800 are in the Czech Republic. Hemophilia is incurable and affects almost exclusively men. Symptoms of the disease are apparent in childhood. If the illness of a child left untreated, it leads to serious problems and life-threatening. Our task was to raise awareness of this disease and to mediate the treatment of patients, especially in adulthood.

During the entire campaign, we managed to enforce the theme in 145 outputs across all media types, including 6 TV broadcasts.
Revenue from the sale of charity items climbed up to CZK 63,000 and went directly to the hands of patient organizations.
Education on illness towards the general public and emphasizing the benefits of prophylactic treatment in the long-term as well as economic aspects.

Czech Society of Hemophilia

„Although less than a thousand people from the Czech Republic are suffering hemophilia, yet Focus has managed to push through its treatment as a topic in many national media. Thanks to the generally greater awareness of this severe, hereditary disease, patients will have their lives at least a bit easier and with better access to effective treatment.“

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During the realization...

The communication was primarily focused on haemophilia patients, ie men over 18 (about 800 persons), and their family members. A secondary target group was the general public over 25 years (around 7.5 million people). The campaign was launched by a press conference, designated by the media for the general and professional public, on the topic of prophylactic treatment, at which the campaign ambassador Jana Doleželová, a pharmacist and former Miss Czech Republic was also presented. Communication culminated on the World Hemophilia Day in a charity campaign titled "I Support the Treatment of Haemophilia". Consequently, we focused on the communication of subtopics, such as home care or patient organizations.

The charity campaign titled "I Support Haemophilia Treatment" culminated on the World Hemophilia Day on April 17. Its main objective was to obtain financial support for the Society of Hemophilia and Hemojunior and to raise awareness of the disease. The main platform of this campaign was the website ( where the fundraising items with the logo of the campaign were sold. On the occasion of the World Hemophilia Day (April 17, 2014), we organized a march through Prague in support of hemophiliacs, ending with a charity event involving approximately 200 people. The ambassador handed over a check for collected money to the patients' organizations representatives.

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