First 1000 Days initiative

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We've faced a big challenge in production. We did not want to capture just the interview of an expert with a media presenter. We decided to shoot children and their mothers, because for them the whole series was created.

Results? Look at them.

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What we have achieved:

The shooting of the six-part series has taken a total of 7 days and the next two weeks we spent in an editing room. We added one bonus to the original six parts. After premiered the series we started offering it to other high-affinity websites. The series has gained a reputation from viewers as well as from other media that informed about them.

What was the goal of working with a client?

The mission of the First 1000 Days program of the Nutricia Foundation is to educate parents, especially mothers of the youngest children, on nutrition and proper diet to ensure their good health in adulthood. We have provided a comprehensive communication strategy for the fund, represented by a series of educational videos.

Creating high quality and accurately targeted educational material for online media and social networks.
Linking up the video series and the entire project of the First 1000 Days with a suitably chosen person of the presenter.
Extensive publicity through the premiere broadcast of videos on a highly-visited web portal.

First 1000 Days initiative

„The ambition of the First 1000 Days initiative is to direct public attention to the importance of building healthy eating habits at an early age, to initiate a change in parental behavior and to positively influence the lifelong health of children. Since achieving such vision needs media coverage, the cooperation with Focus has shown as appropriate. With the professionalism and precision of their team and support of experts we can jointly change the health of future generations.“

Mgr. Kateřina Wargelen   /   First 1000 Days initiative, Nutricia

During the realization...

From the very beginning it was clear that we would work with renowned experts to prepare nutritional recommendations and conduct the study we would work with throughout the communication. Based on our discussions with the client, we decided for a junction of all the topics that became a presenter Štěpánka Duchková, not only in the show but also in the entire project. As part of the production, we have also prepared the shooting of children together with their mums and organized everything so that each part could be shot in a day. One of our goals was to save the budget that a nonprofit could invest in creating educational series. Filming took 12 hours a day and in a day we traveled 160 km within Prague.

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