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We could not rely on traditional means of communication for the media coverage of GE Money Bank CSR projects. In this case a regular press release or meeting with journalists does not fulfill its purpose, so we've chosen communication through personal stories of people providing or receiving assistance through CSR programs.

GE Money Bank

Results? Look at them.

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What we have achieved:

Our stories, based on GE Money Bank's CSR projects, have successfully found their way into printed and online media as well as broadcasting radio and television stations. From April 1st to December 31st, 2014, we managed to generate a total of 104 media outputs, of which 10 were on TV or radio, 27 were in daily newspapers and print media, and 67 in online titles. The fundamental topic of financial literacy, associated with the CSR program "We Know Money", has even gained a lot of space in the highly watched evening news Události on the ČT 1 channel of the Czech Television.

What was the goal of working with a client?

GE Money Bank (now MONETA Money Bank), one of the largest providers of banking services on the Czech market, has been our client since 2014. Our main task is to communicate CSR projects to the media and the general public.

Extensive publicity of GE Money Bank CSR related stories in major media.
Building awareness of GE Money Bank as a company devoting intense attention to its surroundings.
Wider involvement of GE Money Bank employees in CSR projects and their support by the management.

GE Money Bank

CSR projects are an important part of our operations on the Czech market. Focus Agency has made our CSR activities widely publicized, which motivates us to continue.

Milada Veselá   /   Manager, GE Money Bank

During the realization...

In 2014, we provided media communications for CSR projects including "GE Volunteer", "We Know Money" and "Supporting Women in Business". We know from our experience that, in order to communicate the course and results of CSR programs, it is essential to find an attractive form of information, for example interesting personal stories of people involved in the project either on the sponsor's side or as beneficiaries. Also important is the high-quality image documentation in the form of photographs and videos that journalists can easily access to through an Internet repository.

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