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We did not follow famous food blog names, but we focused on foodies and addressed bloggers and vloggers focused on lifestyle and even cosmetics. We announced a challenge for the best blogger recipe and debunked myths repeated for years.


Results? Look at them.

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What we have achieved:

The initial analysis of the results of monitoring posts and references on the Internet provided us with a basis for choosing the right, effective way to communicate with Knorr brand and products. Using brand ambassadors, we have gave the years of myths and inaccuracies over the whole food product segment to the right. Wide collaboration with bloggers and vloggers has prompted a keen interest in the flagship of Knorr's portfolio.

What was the goal of working with a client?

Unilever is one of the world's largest manufacturers of food, body care and household products. In April 2014, we began to analyze Knorr's position within the Unilever Group portfolio and its premium products among potential customers. However, our cooperation was not limited to the Knorr brand itself. Through online tools, we detect the perception of the whole category and whether consumers combine the negative connotations of the savoury segment with the Knorr brand.

Social network monitoring provides the client with a picture of the brand's perception of the consumer.
Brand ambassadors stand out in discussions and raise awareness of the entire food products segment.
The highly watched articles of bloggers represent Knorr products as an essential ingredient of quality cuisine.


„We decided to cooperate with Focus agency on the basis of a tender process in early 2014. It was important for us to understand the perception of the dehydrated food market from the customer's point of view and to offer our products at the time they are considering them. Monitoring social networks, working with bloggers and vloggers and collaborating with the initiative 'I know what I eat' we have been able to meet our expectations for the first year of our cooperation. We recognize, however, that the task of understanding the wishes and needs of our customers is a long run. That is why our cooperation continues.“

Martin Jiruška   /   Brand Building Manager Savoury CZ/SK

During the realization...

We have started by monitoring all the references associated with the Knorr brand and the relevant segment of food products. After a few months, we could make conclusions about which topics are important to the client and which, on the contrary, are not associated with the brand.

To increase awareness of the Knorr brand and the whole product category, we have embarked on our brand ambassadors. They have engaged in discussions, commented on articles, and shared positive posts. Thanks to them, for example, we have managed to straighten out a long-distorted debate about the harmfulness of monosodium glutamate. We have also collaborated with bloggers, bloggers and vloggers, introducing Rich Knorr Stock, the core product of the portfolio. We have called for the best blogger recipe and addressed bloggers and vloggers about lifestyle and even cosmetics.

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