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At the Marketing Journal we can demonstrate to our clients how beneficial is content marketing within the company's comprehensive communication towards the professional public and potential clients. Effort dedicated to content creation pays off in a long term.

Marketing journal

Results? Look at them.

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What we have achieved:

On our own example we demonstrate that high-quality content will find its readers. The Marketing Journal is built without advertising investment, yet it belongs to leaders among similarly targeted websites with a high percentage of repeated visits (over 60 %).

Thanks to the portal, awareness and interest in Focus Agency and the Marketing Journal make such a great contribution to building the image of the company as a professional partner in the field of public relations and marketing communications.

What was the goal of working with a client?

For being successful in public relations we need to constantly educate and look around. In order to use current trends in our campaigns, we need to know about them and follow them. That's how we have come to the idea of a portal informing readers about developments in the world of marketing and public relations. The Marketing Journal ( we have created is dedicated to modern marketing, bringing insights from the world of trends in marketing, public relations, advertising and social networks. It offers up-to-date media information as well as expert articles from experienced authors. During its existence, it has earned loyal supporters, and more than 1,500 readers visit it daily. Our mission is to continue to maintain a high standard of content, to attract other authors, PR and marketing professionals, and reflect current trends in the industry.

Raising brand awareness and promoting the image of professionals in marketing and public relations.
Own platform for publishing expert articles, studies and surveys and establishing collaboration with specialists in various areas of marketing communication and PR.
Linking with other communication channels - social networks, direct mail etc. - and links to the off-line world (workshops, conferences, etc.).

Marketing journal

„The Marketing Journal is a daily source of information from the field of marketing, PR and, increasingly, social networking, for gradually growing community of regularly returning readers.“

Petr Michl   /   editor-in-chief

During the realization...

Our idea of a new source of information on trends in marketing and PR was realized in 2004, when the Marketing Journal was born. Initially, it also had the form of a printed monthly magazine, but since 2009, it has continued exclusively in electronic form. In April 2013, the portal underwent a major redesign. Every weekday, visitors to the portal can read some current news from the Czech Republic and abroad, about new campaigns, the unconventional use of traditional media and current events on social networks. Our authors write about marketing, advertising, public relations, but also about new media, technologies and research. We also attend key industry events, and in the reports we convey their most important ideas. In the future, we want to enter the real offline world under the Marketing Journal umbrella more often. Thus we have started with a workshop with Miloš Čermák on the topic of using social media and building a community of fans.

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