NERO Caffé

Working with bloggers

Together with the product NERO Caffé we wanted to bring even the ways of its preparation and induce the comfort a customer may experience with a good cup of coffee. Therefore authentic blog posts and photos on Instagram were obvious choice.

NERO Caffé

Results? Look at them.

  • articles on blogs

  • comments to Instagram posts

What we have achieved:

The aroma of coffee has wafted not only from six blogs, but also from images on Instagram, marked by #kavanero. We focused on lifestyle blogs and bloggers who had already added photos to Instagram during the event with the barista, and then wrote an article about their coffee session on their blog. Articles about NERO Caffé have appeared on Hana's blogs, Eat run love, Two Thirty, Life by Lucie, Stylish Coffee and Lucie's W. life.

What was the goal of working with a client?

Retailer Datart has developed, in close collaboration with Barzzuz roaster, roasted NERO Caffé, one of the best commercially available bean coffees. Our main task was to extend this coffee awareness among end customers who know Datart and its services primarily as an electronics retailer.

Building awareness of NERO Caffé, not only among coffee lovers and Datart customers.
Introducing waysto prepare NERO Caffé at home.
Significant reach of a target group of coffee lovers on the blogs and Instagram.

NERO Caffé

„Our NERO Caffe brand stands out from our regular assortment. That's why we, together with Focus, have chosen an unconventional way of communicating with customers who now know that they can buy not only a coffee maker, but also a superior coffee.“

Miroslav Toman   /   Datart

During the realization...

To increase brand awareness of NERO Caffé by known electronics retailer Datart we worked in 2016. In order to provide our customers with the unique comfort and experience of quality coffee, we chose blogs and Instagram submissions as a communication channels. For selected bloggers, known to us as lovers of good coffee, we held a workshop with the famous barista Adam Troubil, to let them try different, often very unconventional ways of preparing coffee.

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