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New treatment for diabetes

The target market was very wide, so we chose the most powerful media types to communicate. According to the communicated topics, we divided the campaign into two phases, namely the communication of the innovation in the treatment of diabetes and the education of the lay public.

Novo Nordisk

Results? Look at them.

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    reach of target audience
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    people addressed

What we have achieved:

Collaboration with diabetologists as professional guarantors and stories of patients with type 2 diabetes helped us to get a lot of space in the media through which we have achieved a significant impact on the target group, which was in this case the general public. Again, building a specialized website with articles, videos, and other campaign materials has proven to be a good decision.

What was the goal of working with a client?

Novo Nordisk is a producer of the medicine for the treatment of adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is a solution for injection in a pre-filled pen that was introduced to the Czech market in October 2010. We had to propose a wide-ranging educational campaign on a new form of type 2 diabetes treatment on the occasion of the new product launch to make the general public aware of new possibilities and the modern innovative treatment.

TV reports in news, interviews in publicistic programs and dozens of articles in printed titles corresponding to the primary target group.
During the campaign, 77.8 % of the target group was affected, that is almost 3,220,000 people.
Significant exceeding of planned target group reach rate.

Novo Nordisk

„We started to cooperate with the Focus Agency after a successful tender held in August 2010. The agency has participated in the communication of a new form of treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes. The task of the PR agency was to familiarize the public through mainly printed lifestyle titles, Internet servers, radio programs and TV reports with the main benefits of new treatments for dm2t. In the campaign, the agency used the collaboration with guarantors - diabetologists to participate in interviews and counseling, and patients to share their practical treatment experience. For educational purposes, the website has been created with several practical applications, including opportunity to consult with a diabetologist that was quite popular among visitors.“

Lucie Cikrtová   /   Marketing Manager, Novo Nordisk

During the realization...

We have published several blog posts on main diabetic portals as part of PR activities. In addition, we have set up a specialized website dealing with diabetes, its prevention and treatment. The launch of the product was associated with a press conference. In the first phase of the education campaign, we put emphasis on prevention of diabetes and the need for self-monitoring. In the next stages, we were working with enforcement of topics associated with a new form of treatment compared to traditional practices.

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