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Insulin therapy

For Novo Nordisk, we have projected and implemented a time-limited, narrowly targeted campaign addressing diagnosed diabetics over 50 years of age. Cooperation with doctors and regional media was key here.

Novo Nordisk

Results? Look at them.

  • months of narrowly targeting campaign

  • media outputs

What we have achieved:

During the three-month campaign, we realized dozens of media outputs, mostly thematic educational articles in regional newspapers and weekly newspapers covering at least a quarter of page. According to the client's assessment, the campaign had a demonstrable effect; patients have requested more insulin information from their treating doctors, so we continued to communicate in other selected regions.

What was the goal of working with a client?

Novo Nordisk is the world's leader in diabetes care. It has built its position thanks to a wide range of products for diabetics, including the most advanced products in the field of insulin delivery systems. The goal of our campaign for Novo Nordisk was to educate patients with diabetes about safer and more predictable treatment - insulin analogues and their benefits, to break insulin pen myths and, thus to refute unnecessary patients fear of the insulin application.

A total of 54 media outputs in the press, on the Internet, on radio, and on nationwide television.
More than half of the outputs referred to
Based on a positive evaluation of the campaign, the communication has continued in other regions.

Novo Nordisk

„In cooperation with Focus, we have managed to address diabetics in selected regions of the Czech Republic and introduce them our insulin pen. Together with diabetologists, we then focused on alleviating the fears of elderly patients of self-application of insulin.“

Lucie Cikrtová   /   Marketing Manager

During the realization...

The primary target group of the campaign was the lay public - particularly new diabetics and their family members. For communication with them, we used active cooperation with doctors in different regions. In editorial texts diabetologists shared experience with insulin therapy of their patients, and some were also provided a space in regional radio. We also involved media relations with patients who have positive experience with insulin and are willing to share their story. The campaign was supported by PPC advertising targeting selected regions.

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