Campaign to prevent pneumococcal disease

prevent pneumococcal disease

The target group of individual part sof the campaign was very wide - from parents of young children, women aged 20-40 years to seniors over 65 years. Therefore we had to adapt the media mix to buy advertising and to publish articles or interviews, as well as the choice of patients whose stories we used during communication.


Results? Look at them.

  • %
    fulfillment of media output plan

  • submissions in relevant media
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    reach of target group of parents of young children

What we have achieved:

Thanks to the arrangement of the campaign with a number of subtopics we had an opportunity to communicate constantly new messages to different target groups, continually for many months. In all parts of the campaign we managed to reach a larger than planned number of mentions in relevant media and massively hit all the target groups.

What was the goal of working with a client?

Pfizer is the manufacturer of Prevenar 13 a prescription-only pneumonia vaccine. Our job was to maintain the existing vaccination in the child population and to develop the market in the adult population. We also had the public to get acquainted with the issue of pneumococcal infections, especially the serious consequences of this disease, and to inform on the contribution of health insurance to patients aged over 65 years.

Significant reach of target audience through TV, print, and Internet submissions.
Increasing awareness of preventive vaccination with Prevenar 13.
Increasing interest in vaccination against pneumococcal infections.


Our experience with media relations and healthcare has led to a highly successful campaign for preventive vaccination against pneumococcal disease, which hit all the target groups. Appropriately selected themes allowed us to campaign in the long term and increase the overall impact.

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