Event in Prague Zoo

For a single event, we have chosen Prague Zoo, counting 35 thousand visitors per weekend during spring. For the youngest visitors, we have prepared an entertaining contest with interesting facts about ticks and a crossword with a small reward and leaflets for parents.


Results? Look at them.

  • people addressed

  • children involved in the game

  • leaflets distributed to parents

What we have achieved:

In the entertaining educational game at the Prague Zoo, 13,000 children were involved, out of which over 8,000 arrived to the finish. We used the game as an opportunity to reach out to parents and provide them with information on tickle encephalitis vaccination. With an average attendance of around 35,000 people per week, we hit about 30,000 people.

What was the goal of working with a client?

As a part of the campaign for the prevention of tick-borne encephalitis, we have prepared an educational event at the Prague Zoo to inform the public about tick-borne encephalitis and effective prevention through vaccination.

Direct addressing of parents of more than 13,000 children.
Increased awareness of tick-borne encephalitis and preventative vaccination in the primary target group.
Promotion of the event in the radio, the press and the Internet with the intervention of over 400,000 people.


 „Focus Agency has projected and managed the production of the whole event at the Prague Zoo, which has ended with a great success. Thanks to the large concentration of parents with children in one place, we have managed to reach a relatively large number of people from the primary target group of our communication with a relatively small budget.“

Jana Špačková   /   Brand Manager, Pfizer Czech Republic

During the realization...

The primary target group of communication was the parents of young children who we decided to address during the spring weekend in the Prague Zoo. In cooperation with the Zoo, on 21 and 22 May 2016, we prepared a fun game for children who got a map of the Zoo area to help them in searching for secret mailboxes. After the crossword clue was shelled out, the children were given a small reward at the finish. We distributed to our parents 15,000 leaflets with information on tick-borne encephalitis and the possibility of effective prevention through vaccination. As a part of the media support, we have ensured the publication of an invitation to the event on the radio, the regional press, and on the website dedicated to weekend events in Prague.

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