Rybilka Neo

Cooperation with bloggers and youtubers

Within the campaign, it was important to communicate the innovative Rybilka Neo cream, as well as the wet wipes properties. We therefore needed to change the perception of ointments and show young children parents that Rybilka brand builds on traditions but also actively inovates its products.

Rybilka Neo

Results? Look at them.

  • articles with videos on blogs and videos on YouTube
  • thousand
    views of videos on YouTube
  • +
    positive responses on social networks

What we have achieved:

Submissions on the satisfaction of mothers (influencers) and their children with Rybilka Neo could be read on two blogs and viewed on four YouTube channels. For more intervention of the target group, influencers worked intensively with Facebook as well.

What was the goal of working with a client?

Herbacos-Bofarma deals with the production and distribution of medicinal products, cosmetics, raw materials for pharmacies, food supplements and other similar products. The main task of our collaboration has been to increase the awareness of Rybilka Neo products and to communicate their properties, especially towards parents of young children.

Communication of Rybilka Neo's innovative recipe with influencers whose opinion fans trust
Building awareness of the Rybilka Neo brand among consumers who have not known it yet.
Promotion of traditional brand with modern methods at high efficiency of spending.

Rybilka Neo

„We have worked together with Focus Agency on several projects, but this time we needed something special - to introduce an innovated product with a traditional name to new customers. The online youtube and blogging campaigns using influencers have been very successful and we plan to work with our other brands and products in the same way in the future.“

Petra Hloušková   /   Herbacos-Bofarma

During the realization...

In 2016, we worked to increase awareness and communication of innovative products - the ointment for sore skin and wet wipes Rybilka Neo. To disrupt preconceived notions in the minds of consumers, we used influencers in our online campaign. We worked with mums among youtubers and bloggers who regularly shared their experiences with Rybilka Neo with their fans on the internet and social networks. Some of them combined the campaign with a competition for their fans.

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