The Senior Citizens Council

Education of seniors

There are over 1.8 million people aged 65 and over in the Czech Republic. For the massive reach of such a large target group, we chose a series of educational lectures, videospots and flyers as well as intensive media relations with a focus on the nationwide media.

The Senior Citizens Council

Results? Look at them.

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    compliance with the planed number of media outputs

  • lectures all over the Czech Republic

  • views of educational video on YouTube

What we have achieved:

With the educational campaign we managed to reach tens of thousands of seniors across the Czech Republic who attended one of the lectures or events where information was presented and leaflets distributed. Another hundreds of thousands of seniors were hit by articles in the national press and radio and television reports. The total number of outputs in the relevant media was almost fivefold against the plan.

What was the goal of working with a client?

The Senior Citizens Council is the largest association of the elderly people in Czech Republic. The mission of the Council is creating an open society for all generations, conceiving intergenerational relations, dialogue and tolerance and activating the elderly for spiritual, cultural and social development. The aim of our collaboration was to increase awareness of pneumococcal disease among the general public over the age of 65 years, with an emphasis on awareness of the health problems caused by pneumococcus and ways of prevention of these diseases through vaccination, reimbursed by health insurance.

Almost 200 outputs in national media , including 12 radio and 7 TV reports.
Remarkable increase of seniors' awareness of the risks associated with pneumococcal disease.
Creation of video spot and leaflets for long-term on-line and off-line campaign use.

The Senior Citizens Council

"Pneumococcal diseases are very dangerous for the elderly and their consequences can be fatal. The campaign by Focus Agency has greatly helped us to raise the interest of seniors in protecting their health and to present vaccination as the most effective way to protect them."

dr. Zdeněk Pernes   /   Chairman, The Senior Citizens Council CR

During the realization...

In the period from June to December 2016, in cooperation with doctors, as professional guarantors, we have realized 28 lectures on prevention of pneumococcal disease of the elderly throughout the Czech Republic. Visitors to the lectures were acquainted with the disease, its symptoms, course and treatment. The main focus was on vaccination prevention, including providing information on where to ask for it and that is covered by health insurance for seniors aged over 65 years.

Within the project, we have also prepared an educational videospot and an educational leaflet on pneumococcal diseases. The leaflet was distributed as insertion in the magazine "Doba seniorů" (Seniors' time), at lectures for seniors, meetings of regional and local Councilors of Seniors, and at the Seniors' Day event. Ensuring publicity of the subject has also been included. We organized a press conference, prepared press releases and editorial articles, as well as interviews with professional guarantors on the symptoms, treatment and prevention of pneumococcal disease.

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