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Myths of margarine

The myth that margarines are something artificial has become the basis of the campaign. Journalists have shown that margarine is made from natural raw materials and can be prepared at home as well. The general public then could see a demonstration of margarine preparation at shopping malls where Up brand activation (a company) prepared in-store events having a similar spirit. The purchase of the Flora product with butter, with which the activity was primarily linked, was supported by strong publicizing recipes using this product.

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Results? Look at them.

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What we have achieved:

Thanks to well-prepared materials and systematic work with editors, we have managed to get extensive editorial space in lifestyle titles and on the Internet (over 150 outputs).

What was the goal of working with a client?

In 2016, Unilever run awareness campaign focused on "The Best of Oil". The goal of media relations activities was to refute the myth that margarines are artificial. The theoretical explanation of the subject was enriched by the practical part - we have shown editors that the production of margarine is not alchemy and that it is possible to prepare margarine even in domestic conditions. We also focused on the correct use of vegetable oils in the kitchen, with emphasis on sunflower, rapeseed and linseed, that is, the oils contained in Flora with butter, a novelty on the market at that time.

Education of the public about one of the traditional misconceptions that margarines are something artificial and chemical.
Support to the new product use - Flora with butter in cold dishes thanks to the wide media coverage of recipes.
Massive reach of the target consumer group and above 100 % goal achievement.

During the realization...

In order to dispel myths about the alleged artificial composition, we cooperated with Ing. Hana Langrová of Unilever, who made media representatives, learned more about the technological background of production, and with a chef Hana Konečná, who showed how margarine can be prepared at home. The theoretical part about the physical processes used in the production of margarine has thus been put into practice. When communicating the topic, we focused on both printed and online titles. Materials provided to the media have included expert quotations and recipes illustrated by quality photographs. Proper setup and success of the campaign have been continually evaluated based on the results of monitoring the online environment, in particular the discussions posts on the topic of nutrition and consumption of margarine.

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