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Healthy lifestyle

Brand building

To communicate the initiative 'I know what I eat and drink' to the general public, along with nutritionists, we are continually working to raise awareness of the logo 'I know what I eat and drink', to run the activities of the company and to build the good name of the whole initiative. Our goal is to offer a wide range of activities - online support, content creation and web management, video content creation, regular media workshops, public workshops, expert conferences, events for the general public and PR campaigns.

Vím, co jím a piju o.p.s.

Results? Look at them.

  • % of the population recognizes the logo VCJ

What we have achieved:

High viewing rates of our video clips, high traffic on www.vimcojim.cz and the Facebook profile of the program together help to raise the public's interest in quality food and a healthy lifestyle. On the basis of our information and cooperation with professional consultants, a long series of articles in printed media and outputs in television programs has been generated.

What was the goal of working with a client?

The initiative 'I know what I eat and drink' is a part of global The Choices Program, which was launched as a response to a call from the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The main goal of the program is to motivate the public to actively care for health, to stimulate a healthy lifestyle and help customers to easily select healthy food and beverage options.

Creating and regularly managing the portal www.vimcojim.cz, creating video feeds, articles and expanding the database of healthy foods.
Continuous awareness rising among the general public, involving other partners - food producers and distributors.
Dozens of media outputs, articles, and TV reports, based on collaboration with experts and information published within the initiative communication.

Vím, co jím a piju o.p.s.

Awareness of the program 'I know what I eat and drink' is growing year by year. According to a survey (SANEP, January 2016), 45.8 % of the population recognizes the logo of the initiative. That is a great progress comparing to almost zero in 2012, when we launched the project in the Czech Republic. The number of companies involved increases year-on-year and the number of labeled products increases (420 in 2016). Focus Agency provides a complete service without which we would not be able to achieve such great results.

Ing. Lucie Gonzálezová   /   Head of ‘Vím, co jím a piju‘

During the realization...

The website www.vimcojim.cz originally served as a company presentation to project partners. Being focused solely for B2B, there was no communication towards customers and the general public. It cannot be said that this tactics had no success, but it was clear that it was necessary to raise awareness among the customers themselves, and the websites appeared as a very good tool. That's why we've changed the strategy. The basis of communication in relation to the general public is education about a healthy lifestyle. The very construction of a new content strategy has been adapted to the new target group, ie representatives of the general public, who try to live healthy and think about purchased food. The target group was described in the form of 5 persons, for whom we determined not only the family background and employment, but also the name, hobbies and other specifics. This description then became the basis for the creation of the website itself.
Its core consists of articles on healthy eating, recipes with photos, analysis and testing of food or tips on physical activity. Each day there is one original article added on the website. But it's not just about writing articles, extremely important is communication with readers and the role of intermediary between them and experts. The experts are involved in making articles, while answering questions from the website's Advisory. Other channels to promote content are also Facebook, with number of fans exceeding 39,000 in the mid-2017, and Instagram.

Another format of public education is a video series featuring nutrition specialists - Ing. Petr Havlíček and PhDr. Karolína Hlavatá, Ph.D. Those in short spots advise how to choose foods, and give practical tips for healthier life. Video content constitutes another pillar of the website - so far we have implemented several series on various topics. You can watch them on youtube channel or find them randomly on new websites (iDNES.cz) and other portals.

Evidence that web readers will find a quality content, backed by the professional guarantors, is sharing it on the site seznam.cz, which occurred in April 2017. Not only due this we experience the web site traffic over 250,000 real users per month.

Our work initiative has gradually expanded to organizing workshops for the public and journalists, involving bloggers into the initiative support or organizing professional meetings for food manufacturers. We keep the general and professional public informed about the activities by issuing regular newsletters.

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