Vím, co jím a piju o.p.s.

Educational video series

From 2013, the communication channels of the initiative 'I know what I eat and drink' have been continually complemented with a video education. The main purpose was to expand our services, offer a modern and interesting content, go out into the field and take advantage of our experience with video production as well as the opportunity of working with nutritional advisors, preventive doctors and food technologists.

Vím, co jím a piju o.p.s.

Results? Look at them.

  • video spots in 2012 - 2016
  • thousand
    total views on the YT VCJ channel

  • views of the most successful video on YT VCJ „Healthy and cheap. It goes together!“

What we have achieved:

During the period of the last 4 years we have managed to make a total of 11 thematic series, altogether more than 70 video spots. The themes of each video series are very different – from testing of food, disproving myths about food and nutrition, appropriate physical activity, appropriate advice for eating during a day, proper food choices to video spots for teaching healthy eating in elementary schools and mentoring school canteens. During filming, we use a variety of locations with respect to the topic of each video spots: hypermarkets, environmental laboratories, physicians' offices, exteriors, school kitchens. Video spots are distributed through communication channels 'I know what I eat' (www.vimcojim.cz, FB profi l) and through external web portals for the general public like idnes. cz, blesk.cz. The video spots are projected in waiting rooms and surgeries in selected hospitals and, finally, are regularly published on nationwide television Kinosvět TV.

What was the goal of working with a client?

The initiative 'I know what I eat and drink' is a part of global The Choices Program launched as a response to a call of the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The main goal of the program is to motivate the public to actively care for health, stimulate a healthy lifestyle and help customers to easily select healthy food and beverage options. As one of the key communication activities for the initiative we have created an educational video series.

Raising brand awareness and promoting the image of professionals in marketing and public relations.
After the premiere on iDnes.cz, we offered all the filmed parts to other lifestyle websites. For example, videos have been published by women-in.cz, blesk.cz, vlasta.cz, iprima.cz and dama.cz.

Vím, co jím a piju o.p.s.

„Video series 'I know what I eat' has gained considerable popularity among visitors to www.vimcojim.cz and other pages where it was published. The Focus team has been able to ensure complete production, including co-operation with nutrition consultants with professionally processed output. Currently our video series is one of our most powerful communication tools.“

Ing. Lucie Gonzálezová   /   Head of Vím, co jím a piju

During the realization...

One of the missions of the initiative 'I know what I eat and drink' is to educate the general public, so we have decided to create an educational video series. Experts in spots are advisors and assistants in selecting appropriate foods, changing lifestyle and putting the myths associated with a healthy lifestyle to the right. They do not criticize how poor food a Czech consumer can get, but rather advise on how to select a good food, especially with regard to a nutritional value. Our mission was to execute a turnkey, from the preparation of the jingle, expert consultation and scenario writing, ensuring performers, locations and complete production and postproduction of video spots to their distribution to the widest circle of the general public. The videos are most often presenting Ing. Petr Havlíček, a renowned nutritionist. Together with other experts on the subject, he knows well which foods to give, with regard to health, a priority.

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