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The implementation of the campaign to support children's snacks was built on several pillars. Above all, however, we wanted to offer journalists more than just texts about healthy snacks. That's why we have conducted a research among parents of younger school children, under the auspices of the 'Ï know what I eat and drink' initiative. The outputs of the survey have ensured us nationwide publicity in the news media.


Results? Look at them.

  • TV outputs

  • printed media outputs

  • Internet media outputs

What we have achieved:

We've started the campaign with a successful briefing with journalists from all relevant media. Whole catering was prepared from the recipes presented in the campaign. The feedbacks from the media event have shown that healthy snacks could enjoy not only children.

What was the goal of working with a client?

In August 2013, Ahold introduced new products designed especially for children's meals to its Albert stores. A large portion of these foods, with the design of popular fairy-tales of The Smurfs, have been evaluated according to the criteria of the initiative called 'I know what I eat and drink' and awarded the label of nutritious food. In cooperation with the 'I know what I eat and drink' initiative, we were given an assignment on designing an educational campaign for encouraging parents to prepare their children snacks made of quality and healthy food.

We’ve achieved immediate promotion of the theme to the television news , and shortly after that we flooded with the theme of snacks the Internet.
We‘ve achieved an enormous range of outputs in printed media, most of which have been illustrated by pictures of our recipes.
In less than a month, we exceeded the targets set in three of the four media types.


We have brought a wealth of experience from the communication support to the 'I know what I eat and drink' initiative and come up with a number of great ideas. Our client particularly appreciated creativity in new recipes for healthy snacks and their subsequent communication towards the media. We managed to meet all our goals in the campaign.

100 % fulfillment of customer's requirements   /  

During the realization...

To open up the discussion about snacks for young schoolchildren, we used the survey among parents we had done with SANEP under the aegis of the initiative 'Ï know what I eat and drink'. With the survey outcomes we ensured our campaign for healthy snacks for children had publicity in the main news media. Another pillar of the campaign was creating recipes for non-traditional snacks to help parents motivate children to snack. Recipes for varied and healthy snacks has been prepared in cooperation with MUDr. Petr Hlavatý, PhD. and PhDr. Karolína Hlavatá, PhD. Each recipe has also been supplemented by pictures to help journalists handle the topic easier. In the recipes, we used food with the logo 'I know what I eat and drink' from The Smurfs series of Alberts products, wherever it was possible.

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