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The roadshow to promote vaccination with FSME-IMMUN

The roadshow with Vaccination Truck was preceded by the selection of suitable cities for stopover as well as production work in negotiating all necessary permits, designing and realizing branding of the entire truck and completing its interior equipment.

Baxter Czech

Results? Look at them.

  • prepaid vaccines

  • interested persons in vaccination in the truck

  • cities throughout the Czech Republic

What we have achieved:

The Vaccination Truck roadshow was a huge success. The greatest interest was recorded in the South Bohemian region, where the most cases of tick-borne encephalitis are recorded annually. Many visitors also visited the roadshow in Prague stop, indicating that the accompanying campaign managed to inform the public about the possibility of infected ticks in urban parks as well.

What was the goal of working with a client?

The goal of our collaboration with the client was to inform the public of possible serious consequences of tick encephalitis and to inform about the possibility of vaccinating at a discounted price.

The Vaccination Truck was visited by more than 2,000 people who pre-paid the vaccine at a discounted price.
About 33 % of visitors to the Vaccination Truck were over 50, i.e. in the age group with the lowest vaccination rates.
Massive roadshow publicity in nationwide printed media, radio, TV stations and the Internet.

Baxter Czech

„Organizing roadshow was an extremely challenging task that Focus has realized with excellent results. Awareness among the general public has helped to highlight the consequences of tick-borne encephalitis and to increase vaccination rate in the highest-risk regions and target groups.“

Iveta Soudná   /   Brand Manager, Baxter Czech

During the realization...

The center of the vaccination campaign against tick-borne encephalitis with FSME-IMMUN was the so-called Vaccination Truck, which within a few week roadshow visited 13 locations throughout the Czech Republic. In the truck equipped as a medical clinic, visitors were given an opportunity to learn about the disease and to subscribe to the tick-borne encephalitis vaccine at a discounted price. Those interested in consulting were provided with a professional staff in the truck. The roadshow of the Vaccination Truck has been provided a massive PR support in the form of invitations and press releases in prints and on the Internet and we also gained a space on radio and television stations. The campaign has been supplemented by advertisements in national and local press, billboards and TV advertising with Little Red Riding Hood.

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