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Kidney disease and dialysis

Prior to the commencement of communication activities, it was necessary to define the roles and positions of stakeholders with a direct or indirect influence on the development of the nephrological care situation. For each group, we then designed specific communication tools.

Fresenius Medical Care

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What we have achieved:

Among the target groups addressed through our PR activities were patients and their families, the general public, patient and interest organizations, specialized public (expert and professional organizations) and, last but not least, hospital operators and insurance companies. As a result of the survey, there were nearly 3,000 completed questionnaires, from which topics could be drawn for the next few years. Important patient information is also provided by the patient magazine Péče pro mně (Care for Me), completely prepared by our agency. No less important activity has been realization of the educational portal for the lay public at

What was the goal of working with a client?

Fresenius Medical Care is the world's largest provider of products and services for patients with chronic kidney failure. It was based in Czech Republic in 1993 and has been providing care for over 1,600 patients in its chronic dialysis program in its 22 centers since 2014. The goal of the Fresenius Medical Care project realized between 2013 and 2014 was to build a reputation for the company's product and service divisions, to emphasize the results and quality of the treatment provided, the company's background and expertise supported by many studies and results. Last but not least, the intention was to raise a discussion on the issue of patient care, the availability of treatment in the Czech Republic or entitlements of patients to treatment.

Addressing the public and professionals through dozens of media outputs.
Extensive survey among patients as the basis of further communication.
Creating a patient magazine and content of the educational portal in collaboration with diabetologists, cardiologists and general practitioners.

During the realization...

We started the communication with a press conference for media from the laical and professional press, where we introduced the most modern form of treatment, so-called high-volume hemodiafiltration with indisputable benefits for patients. It was patients and their loved ones who were the group on which we focused a most of our communication towards the general public. On the occasion of the World Kidney Day and in cooperation with dialysis centers, we opened a nephrological ambulance to the public and invited visitors to consult their kidney health status. We have also conducted the most extensive patient survey, not only on dialysis centers in the company. Within the professional public, we did not focus only on nephrology, but we also worked with specialists from related specialties, especially diabetologists, cardiologists and practitioners. We recommended to the client to participate actively in relevant conferences and seminars, not only in the form of lectures, but also in educational stands. The support of congresses in the form of partnerships or sponsorships of relevant patient organizations has taken place too.

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