Cooperation with youtuber

Hockey battles have rocked YouTube

In communicating with the younger generation, the so-called "millennials", we could not rely on traditional channels and media, so we opted YouTube and other social networks which are very close to the young.


Results? Look at them.

  • people reached by both parts of the campaign

  • positive responses on social networks

  • youtuber’s outputs on social networks

What we have achieved:

Hokejové bitvy otřásaly YouTubem, a to hned na dvou frontách. STIGA hokej si nacházel nové fanoušky na kanále Valda-TV (který odebírá bezmála 340 000 lidí), kde youtuber Johnny vyzval k souboji profesionálního hokejistu Tomáše Rolinka. Desítky tisíc uživatelů YouTube také zhlédly reklamního spot, který běžel na vybraných relevantních kanálech.

What was the goal of working with a client?

Hockey battles have rocked YouTube right on two fronts. STIGA Hockey has found new fans on the Valda-TV channel (having almost 340,000 followers) where youtuber Johnny has called to battle a professional hockey player Tomas Rolink. Tens of thousands of YouTube users also watched an ad spot running on selected relevant channels.

Develop awareness of STIGA table hockey especially among younger generation.
Link STIGA hockey games to the world of real hockey.
Influence the target group on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


„We've wanted to increase interest in table hockey among young generation and Focus Agency came up with the modern concept of the campaign on the Internet, which has proven very effective. The main result of our collaboration is raising awareness of STIGA hockey not only among young people.“

Jan Veselý   /   Stiga hockey

During the realization...

In 2016, we worked to expand brand awareness Stiga table hockey among young generation aged 16-25. From our experience we know that this group is difficult to reach by traditional means. That's why we've chosen both a channel and a form that delivers information in an attractive and fun way. To multiply the interest of young people, we have made the campaign in cooperation with a youtuber and famous ice hockey personality, as well as with the professional STIGA hockey players who introduced the action game in a commercial.

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