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> Do customers really know about you?

Customers in the global market have plenty to choose from - they are offered products and services by a huge number of companies every day. How to ensure they will choose you in the tough competition? We can help you reach your customers with a marketing communication campaign that will open the door for your sales reps.


Data, statistics, concepts, testing, launch, measurement, corrections, evaluation. And again. Feelings and impressions have no place in a great campaign.

Robert Svoboda   /   SENIOR CONSULTANT

Reach your customers

Together, we can plan and implement marketing communication campaigns to gain new customers for your products and services, strengthen existing client loyalty, or successfully introduce new products and enter new markets. We will help you with the initial market analysis, campaign testing on a sample of customers and with its full-scale execution.

How do we implement a communication campaign for you?

Every marketing communication campaign begins with a market analysis. We will help you identify the opinions of your current clients, create a typical customer profile, and design a communication campaign that will effectively support your business goals.

Communication campaigns with Focus - step by step:

  1. Based on in-depth interviews with your customers, we'll gain their feedback:
    • How satisfied are your clients with your products and services?
    • What would your customers like to improve in your business relationship?
    • Why did they choose you as their supplier?
    • What is your company's biggest competitive advantage?
    • In what ways could your cooperation be further expanded?
  2. We will prepare necessary documents for the communication campaign:
    • We will create a prototype (persona) of your typical customer
    • We will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your business
    • We will build your value proposition
    • We will set the optimal communication campaign model
    • We will prepare the content communicated within the campaign
  3. We will design a communication campaign for you that can aim to:
    • Gain new customers in the current market segment
    • Enter new markets for existing products and services
    • Extend your business to new markets - at home and abroad
    • Sell more products and services to existing customers
    • Strengthen the loyalty of your current customers
  4. We implement a communication campaign by a following plan:
    • As part of the pilot project, we will test the campaign concept on a limited range of customers
    • According to the results of the pilot testing, we will adjust the concept and launch the campaign
    • We evaluate the course of the campaign and possibly make corrections
    • After the campaign, we will evaluate the results and achieve the intended goals
    • The agency commission is based on the achievement of the planned results

Where did we help implement communication campaigns?

Marketing communication campaigns are the core business of our agency. We have carried out dozens of campaigns and we have experience from different disciplines and with different ways of selling. See our case studies to check if any of our customers' issues aren't yours too:

  • We have supported the entry of a traditional printing equipment supplier into the service market
  • We have launched new pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • We have supported a new food quality mark with our communication campaign
  • We have communicated new therapeutic methods
  • We have refuted the myths of food harm

Our services for marketing communication campaigns

We have experience in many business fields and we will certainly help you build a brand and media image for you too.

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