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Website, marketing communication of social network, PR campaigns - all channels of corporate communication require well prepared content. However, most companies do not have their own resources for writing texts and therefore need copywriter services.


We'll find you a topic, process it, and build your competence. We'll make you number one.

Petr Michl   /   content master

We'll help you create content

Our professional copywriters are experienced in both journalistic work and marketing materials for companies from different business areas. With minimal demands on your internal resources we will prepare articles for publication in media, create content for websites, flyers, catalogs and other marketing materials, as well as case studies and content for social networks.

How will we create content for you?

Do you have experienced professionals in the company who do not have the capacity to create texts for marketing and PR communication? Our copywriters will get the information you need from your specialists and create text with agreed content. Cooperation with copywriters does not constitute an additional burden for you - just comment and approve the prepared text for publication.

Content creation with Focus – step by step:

  1. What content do you need to create? Most often we prepare for our clients:
    • Professional articles on products and services
    • Trend and awareness articles
    • Case studies on successful projects
    • Texts for websites
    • Content of corporate magazines
    • Catalogs, leaflets and other marketing materials
    • Social network posts
    • Video clip scenarios
  2. What sources will we work with? Our usual sources for writing texts are:
    • Interviews with your product and service specialists
    • Existing marketing materials (also in foreign languages)
    • In-depth interviews with your clients
    • We work with online sources and follow trends in your industry
  3. All prepared texts undergo authorization and linguistic review:
    • We will submit the completed texts for your comments and approval
    • For case studies, we will review and authorize content with your client
    • Approved texts pass through linguistic review prior to publication
    • We provide translations of texts into other world languages
  4. Finished and authorized text does not end our work:
    • We ensure the publication of articles in relevant media
    • We will graphically adjust case studies to your corporate design
    • We will draw and create a graphic style for your marketing materials
    • We will build up a turnkey website - including technology solutions and content

Who had we created content for?

We produce a large amount of content for our clients every month. Many companies rely on us in editing their own customer magazine; we regularly supply case studies to help sale staff present competencies to potential customers, and we often provide proofreading of marketing communication. See our case studies and check if any of our customers' issues aren't yours too:

  • We prepare corporate magazines on regular basis
  • We create case studies based on interviewing customers
  • We have published hundreds of expert and trend articles
  • We produce video content
  • We run our own online marketing magazine


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