Public relations

How do customers perceive your brand?

The task of public relations, as an integral part of marketing, is to build a positive image of the company, the value of its brand and general awareness of the products and services it offers. Good public relations will support the success of your sales reps.


We cover all digital and traditional, networks and media. Audio, video on displays and screens, on paper and radio waves.

Michaela Škopková   /   Account Director

Create your media image

We will help you use all available options to build your brand and engage you in media communication. Together with you, we will select relevant newspapers, magazines and online media to introduce you to important journalists during interviews. The result of our work is articles, interviews and other references about your business in relevant media.

How do we help you with public relations?

The first step of our cooperation is the media analysis, based on which we create a plan for the development of public relations for your company, including an overview of relevant topics and media. Then we start to work on ensuring the publishing of media output and text creation, provided by a professional copywriter.

Public relations s Focusem – step by step:

  1. Based on the analysis of media outputs we will find out:
    • How often and in what context your company is referred to
    • What is your media image
    • How your closest competitors are doing
    • What media you should communicate with
  2. Together we will prepare a communication plan that will include:
    • List of relevant media classified according to their importance
    • An overview of media communication topics based on your products and services
    • List of representatives to speak to media on behalf of your company
    • Plan of specific outputs in relevant media
  3. We will start with ensuring your company's positive publicity in the media:
    • We will ensure publishing professional articles about your products and services
    • We will arrange publishing interviews with your representatives
    • We will follow other opportunities for publishing media outputs
  4. Media output evaluation and agency commission:
    • We regularly evaluate published outputs, their media coverage and type
    • Based on the type of output and the impact (media reach) we calculate the agency commission
    • You will only pay for the realized outputs and on the terms agreed in advance

Where we helped with brand building?

Since the establishment of our agency, we have implemented dozens of successful PR campaigns to support our clients' brands, products and services. See our case studies and check if any of our customers' issues aren't yours too:

  • We have built a brand new brand in the field of healthy lifestyle
  • We have launched new medicines on the market
  • We have supported CSR projects with media coverage
  • We have provided crisis communication for civic associations
  • We have implemented a PR campaign for a food brand
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