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Marketing and communication campaigns are challenging disciplines that many companies cannot fully cover with their people's knowledge and experience. But you do not have to go into large-scale communication campaigns right away. The first step may be to consult your plans and possibilities of their implementation.

Robert Svoboda, FOCUS AGENCY

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Robert Svoboda   /   senior konzultant

Before you get started

Setting up a communication strategy and implementing marketing campaigns is challenging not only for small businesses, but also for larger businesses that often do not have a sufficient number of qualified marketing personnel. Our consulting services can help you solve this situation - we will provide you with our expertise and experience, so that even in a small team you can carry out campaigns like professionals.

We will provide your team with the necessary competencies to design and implement successful communication campaigns.

  • Do you need to provide your marketing team with a specific knowledge?
  • Not sure about how to build your company's value proposition and define typical customers?
  • Are you planning a communication campaign and would like to advise?
  • Don't you know how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing and communication campaigns?
  • Looking for help with testing upcoming campaigns?

Consulting in practice

We provide consulting as a stand-alone service, whether you decide to continue on realization of communication campaigns with us, or with using your own resources.

  • We have consulted the marketing strategy of companies when entering new markets.

Our consulting services are based on extensive experience and hundreds of realized projects. We will advise you on how to avoid mistakes and dead ends and progress quickly to your goal.

We provide consulting as a stand-alone service, whether you decide to continue on realization of communication campaigns with us, or with using your own resources.

From our work: Consultancy for Konica Minolta

The traditional manufacturer of single function and all-in-one printers extends its portfolio with document services and, more recently, highly specialized video surveillance and security products, through acquisitions and in-house development. Therefore, we conduct surveys among current and potential customers of Konica Minolta.

  • During in-depth interviews with current customers we review how they perceive the shift of traditional office equipment vendor to a service supplier.
  • We conduct a market research of video surveillance systems to create an effective communication strategy to reach new customers.
  • Based on the gathered information, we compile a value proposition and develop a marketing strategy and individual campaigns.

"Consulting the value proposition and the subsequent in-depth interviews of Focus Agency's consultants with our customers gave us an independent view of our range of services in the highly competitive document solutions market. The information we received helped us to target subsequent marketing campaigns and make them more effective."

Petr Lupač   /   Marketing Manager Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech

We will help you too

Our consulting services cover all areas of marketing and corporate communications:

Building value proposition, creating user personas and defining target groups.

Designing communication strategies and marketing campaigns.

Creating campaign content, marketing materials and corporate identity.

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