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Business partner events, roadshows and Open Day for customers or Christmas Party for employees - All of these events are of great importance to companies, but their planning and implementation require huge effort and time. Don't waste your own resources and leave the events to professionals.

Eva Sloupenská, FOCUS AGENCY

Faster than you can say Jack Robinson


The events that are not forgotten

At the roadshow or doors open days, you can meet your customers, talk to them and get feedback on your products and services. Events with business partners reinforce your relationships. Teambuilding and party for employees reinforce their loyalty and also play a role in attracting new employees.

Event realization means a big investment - both financial and time - and it is extremely important that the event ends with success and satisfaction on all sides.

  • Do you want to organize an event for your customers, business partners or employees?
  • Need tips for suitable places and activities?
  • Looking for contacts for entertainment programs or teambuilding programs?
  • Don't you have own resources for event planning and production?
  • Do you want all event participants to have an exceptional experience?

Event realization in practice

We organize press conferences, customer roadshows, parties and teambuilding for our clients. We provide complete production of events from the initial idea to the last guest's departure.

  • We have run roadshows with a Vaccination Truck all over the Czech Republic.
  • We have prepared an educational event for children in the Prague Zoo.
  • We have organized a series of press conferences during the vaccination campaign.

In addition to ideas for great places and locations, we know what needs to be done to produce events.

From our work: Roadshow for Baxter Czech

Baxter is a manufacturer of prescription FSME-IMMUN tick-borne encephalitis vaccine. The aim of our cooperation was to inform the public about the possible serious consequences of tick-borne encephalitis and to inform about the possibility of getting vaccinated at a discounted price.

  • Prior to the Vaccination Truck roadshow, we selected cities suitable for stopping, negotiated all the necessary permits, arranged designing, branding and equipping the entire truck.
  • During the several-week roadshow, the Vaccination Truck visited 13 locations throughout the Czech Republic.
  • The Vaccination Truck was visited by more than 2,000 people who subscribed to the discounted vaccination.

"The organization of the vaccination truck roadshow was an extremely challenging task, which Focus we achieved an excellent result. Awareness among the general public has helped to highlight the consequences of tick-borne encephalitis and to increase vaccination coverage in the most risky regions and target groups."


We will help you too

Ať už potřebujte uspořádat jednorázový event nebo sérií akcí pro vaše zákazníky či obchodní partnery, pomůžeme vám s naplánováním akce i její realizací:

We will propose a venue and program for the event according to the target audience and purpose.

We will prepare a plan of production of the whole event, on the basis of which we will arrange everything needed.

We will provide all necessary permits, staff, transport, etc.

Does it sound good to you? Let's just meet up.

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