Graphics and Design

> We will create your graphic style

Websites, catalogs, leaflets, or just business cards - do you constantly need new graphic designs or just to process outputs by a graphic designer? We will help you create your own graphic style and provide the graphic design of all your marketing materials.

Graphic style of your business

An integral part of the company's marketing communication towards customers and the general public is the graphic style. This style includes everything from logos, business cards or websites to marketing materials such as brochures, catalogs, case studies and more. If you want to make your company look professional, entrust your graphic style to professionals.

Graphics is also an integral part of all marketing and communication campaigns aimed to attract customers' attention and support the main message of the campaign.

  • Do you want to present your business in a professional graphic style?
  • Do you need to create a design of marketing materials?
  • Would you like to communicate regularly with your customers through e-newsletters or a printed magazine?
  • Do you have a corporate graphic standards and need to create different outputs compliant with them?
  • Are you planning to redesign your website?

Graphics and design in practice

We cooperate with a number of self-employed graphic designers and design studios to provide our clients with graphical outputs to their liking.

  • We create graphic design of several customer magazines and ensure their desktop publishing.
  • For many clients, we have created a complete graphic identity for all of their corporate materials.
  • We provide layout of marketing materials based on corporate graphic standards.

By working with different graphics, we are able to offer multiple designs and prepare graphic design to your liking.

From our work: Customer Magazine for Baumit

With the support of the Austrian headquarters, the Czech company Baumit manufactures and sells building materials for the entire construction process. It has been operating on the Czech market since 1993. For Baumit, we have prepared a printed magazine that comes into the hands of partner companies, builders and architects as well as existing or potential investors and developers. The main goal was to improve the layout of the Baumit magazine.

  • Based on analysis and comparison, we created a new, original layout, including individual visual elements.
  • Professional copywriters worked on the creation of the content, creating professional and trend articles for readers, based on data delivered by Baumit specialists.
  • After approving the content and graphic design by the client, we arranged quality printing of Baumit magazine.

"Despite all the complications and deadlines, Focus has done a good job, and today we have the best Baumit magazine ever published."

Bc. George Pandeyan   /   HEAD OF MARKETING, BAUMIT

We will help you too

Whether you have a corporate graphic design manual or need to create everything from scratch:

We will create for you layouts of web pages, customer magazine, marketing materials, case studies and other documents.

We will provide professional desktop publishing and pre-press data for all types of printed materials.

For our contractual partners, we can ensure printing of materials and their distribution to customers.

Does it sound good to you? Let's just meet up.

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