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Despite the growing popularity of social networks and media, traditional media - press, television, radio, and online news sites - still achieve a huge reach. If you manage to establish relationships with important journalists, you can effectively reach your customers through media.

Eva Klouckova, FOCUS AGENCY

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Eva Klouckova   /   SENIOR PR MANAGER

We will introduce you to the world of media

Ways how media and journalists work vary by title. We have many former journalists in our team who will be happy to describe the world of media and explain the principles of editorial work. When you understand how journalists work and what principles they follow, you can establish mutually beneficial cooperation with them.

We can collaborate with media on building a positive image of your business and reaching your target customer groups.

  • Do you want to expand your marketing communication channels by media?
  • Would you like to make your managers and experts visible?
  • Is it useful for you to reach the general public through media?
  • Would you like your products and services to appear regularly on relevant media?
  • Do you want to make your spending on advertising in media more effective?

Media relations in practice

We work with journalists every day - discussing topics that reflect our clients' communication needs and gaining media coverage for them.

  • We have highlighted projects promoting a healthy lifestyle in media.
  • We have ensured publishing of dozens of expert articles for an IT business company.
  • Within crisis communication, we have influenced a decision of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic concerning the change of reimbursement of medicines.

Thanks to the journalistic background of many of our colleagues and intensive collaboration with media, we always know who of editorial staff we should address and what results we can achieve.

From our work: Video series for Nadační fond 1000 dní

The mission of Nadační fond 1000 dní do života ('Endowment Fund 1000 Days for Life') is to educate parents, especially mothers of infants, in the field of nutrition, to secure good health in their adulthood by providing appropriate food. We have provided a comprehensive communication strategy for the fund, represented by a series of educational videos.

  • Creating high quality and precisely targeted educational material for online media and social networks.
  • Interconnection of the video and the whole project of 1000 Days for Life by an appropriately chosen moderator.
  • We were shooting 12 hours a day and driving up to 160 km a day in Prague.

"The ambition of 1000 Days for Life is to direct the public's attention to the importance of building good eating habits early, to trigger a change in parents' behavior, and thus positively influence children's lifelong health. To achieve this vision, we need media coverage. Therefore, our cooperation with Focus has been in place. Thanks to the professionalism and precision of the team and with the support of experts, we can together change the health of future generations."

Mgr. Kateřina Vargelen   /   1000 DAYS TO LIFE INITIATIVE, NUTRICIA

We will help you too

Under the influence of social networks and the Internet in general, the world of media is fundamentally changing. We will help you turn the most of these changes to your advantage and build your media relations:

We will introduce you to the style and procedures of journalistic work and create a list of media relevant to your communication.

We will help you to communicate with relevant media and specific journalists.

We will work with you on a selection of topics for communication and their promotion in media.

Does it sound good to you? Let's just meet up.