Personas and Target Groups

> Who is your typical customer?

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? The more accurately we describe your customer, resp. target group, the better we can plan an effective communication campaign. We will help you get to know your customers you need to reach.


And who are you?

Petr Michl   /   PROJECT MANAGER

Get to know your customer

When planning communication strategies and marketing campaigns, we work with personas, ie profiles of typical customers - recipients of marketing messages. The more accurate the person profiles are, the more targeted communication we can do. We avoid wide targeting of campaigns and strive to increase their price-performance ratio.

Together with our clients, we build profiles of their typical customers and target groups to reach them effectively.

  • Who is the typical customer of your product or service?
  • Can we divide your customers into larger groups?
  • How do your customer target groups differ?
  • How to reach specific target audiences effectively?
  • Which customer target groups are most important to you?

Creating a persona in practice

When creating a persona for marketing communication and campaigns, we build on the profile of your current customers, resp. competent people in the companies you deal with and which you need to reach. Furthermore, we profile typical customers in the markets you plan to enter.

  • For the marketing campaign, we have created profiles of typical document service customers and prepared a campaign to address them.
  • We have identified a target group of good coffee lovers and effectively approached them in collaboration with lifestyle bloggers.
  • We have ran a campaign targeted specifically to the parents of the youngest children and created a series of educational videos for them.

Without personas and target groups, campaigns have an unnecessarily wide spread of message recipients, their costs are increasing while effectiveness is declining.

Z naší práce: Přesné zacílení kampaně pro Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care is the world's largest provider of products and services for patients with chronic renal failure. The aim of the Fresenius Medical Care project, which was conducted between 2013 and 2014, was to build a company's reputation in the product and service divisions, to emphasize the results and quality of treatment, the international background of the company, and the expertise proven by many studies and results.

  • We introduced the most advanced form of treatment, the so-called high volume hemodiafiltration with undisputed benefits for patients.
  • On the occasion of the World Kidney Day, we opened a nephrological outpatient clinic and invited visitors to consult their kidney health.
  • We conducted the most extensive patient survey, not just at the company's dialysis centers.

"Before the commencement of communication activities, it was necessary to define the roles and positions of the stakeholders with a direct or indirect impact on the evolving situation in nephrological care. We then designed specific communication tools for each group."

Michaela Škopková   /   PROJECT MANAGER, Focus Agency

We will help you too

Together we will create personas that can be identified with your customers and define your target audience:

Personas allow you to better understand your customers and target marketing communications to them.

We will create campaign modifications customized to different audiences.

With precision targeting communication, we achieve better results.

Does it sound good to you? Let's just meet up.