Monitoring, Research and Surveys

> Do you know what's happening on the market?

Without reliable information, you can hardly decide what to do next. We will find other sources of information about your business position, your customers' satisfaction, market gaps for new products and services, or your competition.

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Exclusive information for your business

Good information is a prerequisite for a successful business - and we will help you get it. We will find out information from your customers that your sales reps are not telling you. Through market research, we identify your position against competitors and potential gaps in the supply of demanded products and services. Based on media and social networking analysis, we'll find out how the public perceives your brand.

Our analyzes and surveys will help you answer important questions about everyday business and plan your business development.

  • How do your customers and the general public perceive your brand and products?
  • What is the media image of your company and in what context does your competition appear in the media?
  • What issues can you encounter when entering new markets?
  • How effective is your marketing communication?
  • Are you successful in implementing your communication strategy?

Research and surveys in practice

Market research is our first step in creating a communication strategy. We analyze the position of our client and its competitors so that we can achieve the desired goals effectively.

  • We analyze the markets which clients enter through acquisitions of other companies.
  • We monitor and analyze media and social media contributions to identify changes in brand perception.
  • Based on media monitoring and readership data, we evaluate the reach of communication campaigns.

Most of the surveys are done by ourselves, but we collaborate with trusted information providers in larger consumer surveys or detailed B2B market surveys.

From our work: Market Research for Konica Minolta

The traditional manufacturer of single function and all-in-one printers extends its portfolio with document services and, more recently, highly specialized video surveillance and security products, through acquisitions and in-house development. Therefore, we conduct surveys among current and potential customers of Konica Minolta.

  • During in-depth interviews with current customers we reveal how they perceive the shift of traditional office equipment vendor to a service supplier.
  • We conduct a market research of video surveillance systems to create an effective communication strategy to reach new customers.
  • Based on the gathered information, we compile a value proposition and develop a marketing strategy and individual campaigns.

"Consulting the value proposition and the subsequent in-depth interviews of Focus Agency's consultants with our customers gave us an independent view of our range of services in the highly competitive document solutions market. The information we received helped us to target subsequent marketing campaigns and make them more effective."


We will help you too

We analyze available sources of information or prepare a brand new survey in your target audience:

Based on professionally conducted in-depth interviews, we will provide you with the information your sales reps do not yet have.

We will get all the information necessary to build your value proposition and plan a marketing communication strategy.

By market research we will find out the current position of your brand and products and the shift of perception as a result of realized campaigns.

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