Testing and Piloting

> Will your campaign work?

You can plan your marketing campaign as best as possible and in the smallest detail, but you will find out its actual effectiveness only from customer feedback. Therefore, we first test each campaign within a pilot project on a small group of customers.

Petr de Gier, FOCUS AGENCY

Like or dislike? And why?

Petr de Gier   /   PROJECT MANAGER

Testing campaign on real customers

Each of our marketing campaigns is preceded by pilot testing of the way and form of communication on a sample of customers. We also carry out A/B testing to maximize the impact of the campaign, thus maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. If you do not want to test campaigns on customers, we have enough volunteers.

But our work does not end with testing and pilot project - we follow the course of the whole campaign and make corrections if necessary.

  • How will your customers respond to a marketing campaign?
  • Which of the prepared marketing communication options will be most effective?
  • How do I get the maximum return on my campaign investment?
  • What campaign result can you anticipate in advance?
  • How do I properly manage my campaign progress?

Testing and piloting of projects in practice

When designing communication strategies and marketing campaigns for our clients, we automatically count on testing and pilot projects. Consistent preparation returns to our customers in the efficiency of their campaigns.

Testing and a pilot project can take place with your supplied contacts, or we can find suitable representatives to help us test the outputs. Before testing, we will prepare an appropriate questionnaire and prepare a suitable platform to conduct the survey for easy evaluation.

From our work: Market research for Konica Minolta

The traditional manufacturer of single function and all-in-one printers extends its portfolio with document services and, more recently, highly specialized video surveillance and security products, through acquisitions and in-house development. Therefore, we conduct surveys among current and potential customers of Konica Minolta.

  • During in-depth interviews with current customers we review how they perceive the shift of traditional office equipment vendor to a service supplier.
  • We conduct a market research of video surveillance systems to create an effective communication strategy to reach new customers.
  • Based on the gathered information, we compile a value proposition and propose a marketing strategy and individual campaigns.

"Consulting the value proposition and the subsequent in-depth interviews of Focus Agency's consultants with our customers gave us an independent view of our range of services in the highly competitive document solutions market. The information we received helped us to target subsequent marketing campaigns and make them more effective."


We will help you too

For the success of your communication strategy and marketing campaigns, we will do everything possible to achieve the expected effect:

We will determine the best campaign variation based on A/B testing.

We will test the campaign on a sample of customers before we run it over the entire database.

We will follow the course of the campaign, evaluate the results and make corrections.

Does it sound good to you? Let's just meet up.