Value Proposition

> Do you know what your customers really want?

When creating a value proposition, we will jointly discover if your offer really matches your customers' expectations. We will explore your business model, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and identify the threats on the path to your success.

Robert Svoboda, FOCUS AGENCY

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Robert Svoboda   /   CONSULTANT

Your customers expect value

Value proposition is the basis for matching products and services to customers' requirements and expectations. You should devote time and effort to designing a value proposition with every major change in your business life, whether it is realizing new business ideas, developing new products and services, penetrating new markets or creating marketing campaigns.

We will help you to answer all the essential questions related to your customers and develop value propositions. Together we'll find out answers to the questions:

  • What are the customers' benefits from your products and services?
  • Which problems do you help customers to solve?
  • How does your business model withstand competition?
  • Do you know all your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you calculate potential risks on your path to success?

Value proposition in practice

By creating value propositions, we have successfully launched dozens of projects with our clients in retail, pharmaceutical and IT businesses.

  • We have helped bring new medicines and vaccines to market.
  • We help a traditional hardware manufacturer to position itself in the managed services market.
  • We have implemented internet campaigns to promote the sale of cosmetics.

Cooperation in creating value propositions is a standard part of our work in designing marketing and PR campaigns, but we also provide it as a separate consulting service

From our work: Value Proposition for Konica Minolta

For a traditional manufacturer of single function and all-in-one printers, which significantly extended its range of services by digital document management solutions, we have conducted a series of internal workshops to set value propositions and then plan marketing activities to support sales of document solutions and related services.

  • During the workshops with Konica Minolta managers and sales force, we created a value proposition for digitization and electronic document management services.
  • We verified the conclusions of the value proposition with in-depth interviews with current Konica Minolta document service customers.
  • Based on the value proposition and findings from in-depth interviews, we have designed a marketing strategy to reach out to new customers outside Konica Minolta's printing solutions business.

"Consulting the value proposition and the subsequent in-depth interviews of Focus Agency's consultants with our customers gave us an independent view of our range of services in the highly competitive document solutions market. The information we received helped us to target subsequent marketing campaigns and make them more effective."

Petr Lupač   /   Marketing Manager Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech

We will help you too

Use our experience in designing value propositions and marketing and PR business support:

We will prepare an all-day workshop for you to build a Value Proposition Design model with your managers and business people.

Through the user persona we will describe your existing and potential customers and discover the strengths and weaknesses of your business model.

We will design appropriate marketing and PR activities to support your business.

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