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> Take advantage of the video's popularity

Corporate communication in the form of video spots is gaining in popularity and importance. Not only younger customers react to the video, but for example video case studies have a great effect on the B2B market. However, the production of professional video content is quite challenging.

Lucka Harvánková, FOCUS AGENCY

Ready, rolling, action!

Lucka Harvánková   /   Social Media

Video content for your business

Through videos you can present new products and services, references and case studies to successful projects, or use them in communication campaigns targeting different audiences. However, you always need a script, a production team and video capture and post-production specialists - if you want your video to look professional.

Video is a good means of communication on many occasions and its popularity continues to grow.

  • Is it important for you to communicate with customers and the public with modern means?
  • Want to take advantage of the popularity of social networking videos?
  • Do you have customers who are willing to collaborate on case studies in the form of a video?
  • Are your products suitable for video presentation?
  • Do you want to create videos in collaboration with a professional team, actors and moderators?

Video production in practice

Producing video content is not an easy task and our experience has learnt us that without a team of professionals, we cannot achieve a really good result.

  • We have prepared a whole educational video series for a new food quality mark.
  • Thousands of viewers have watched our videos about nutrition of infants.
  • We have created scenarios and made video spots about the deployment of modern technology in food factory production.

For the video spots for our clients, we prepare scenarios, provide actors and moderators. Videos are taken by our team equipped with all the necessary technology.

From our work: Video series for Nadační fond 1 000 dní

The mission of Nadační fond 1000 dní do života ('Endowment Fund 1000 Days for Life') is to educate parents, especially mothers of infants, in the field of nutrition, to secure good health in their adulthood by providing appropriate food. We have provided a comprehensive communication strategy for the fund, represented by a series of educational videos.

  • Creating high quality and targeted educational material for online media and social networks.
  • Interconnection of the video and the whole project of 1000 Days for Life by an appropriately chosen moderator.
  • We were shooting 12 hours a day and driving up to 160 km a day in Prague.

"The ambition of 1000 Days for Life is to direct the public's attention to the importance of building good eating habits early, to trigger a change in parents' behavior, and thus positively influence children's lifelong health. To achieve this vision, we need media coverage. Therefore, our cooperation with Focus has been in place. Thanks to the professionalism and precision of the team and with the support of experts, we can together change the health of future generations."

Mgr. Kateřina Vargelen   /   INITIATIVE 1000 DAYS TO LIFE, NUTRICIA

We will help you too

Although it looks simple, it's worth working with professionals to create video content. You will save time and the result will look exactly as you expect:

We will prepare a scenario for your video spot, arrange the production team and even performers, if needed.

We work with professional technology and specialists, for whom making video content is everyday work.

During postproduction, we will add graphic effects, subtitles and other content to make your video clip as attractive as possible.

Does it sound good to you? Let's just meet up.