Content marketing that doesn't fail

> Thursday, May 23 2019 from 12.45 to 18h

Do you feel that content marketing would help your brand, but don't know how to get started? You have the perfect opportunity to make this clear.

Many marketers fear content marketing. It's difficult and the results aren't visible, they say. They are right in the first part of the sentence, but we do not agree with the other. Content marketing that doesn't fail I will introduce you what are the essential components of a successful content project and what, on the contrary, may denounce it to failure.

Among others, the following topics await you::

  • What does content marketing do and what it does not do?
  • What should you do to deepen customer relationships, build your own communities, and get recommendations?
  • What does kill content projects at the very beginning?
  • What content opportunities does your brand have?

You'll get a great deal of inspiration with case studies across the market. We will pay attention to you. Don't expect a one-way flow of information. You will be actively involved from the very beginning.

"We don't know what to talk about. We are not so interesting." These are some of the most common advocates for those who are afraid to start content marketing. Creative exercise using Value Proposition Design will help you empathize with your customer and eventually create hypotheses suitable for creating personas. Above all, it simply demonstrates that there are many content opportunities and you can find them yourself. The presented procedure will help you to further build your brand and content strategy.

You will go home with a pile of ideas on how your brand could improve your content and communication.

Workshop will be guided by:

Petr Michl

Petr Michl - a long-time editor-in-chief of the Marketing Journal   and project manager and consultant at Focus Agency

Follow-up workshop Content marketing, that doesn't fail II

Great news! You can continue the lessons started at the 'Content marketing, that doesn't fail I' workshop, in a follow-up workshop on Content Marketing, that doesn't fail II. We will go much deeper and with fewer brands represented so we can work with you more.

Basic data:

  • time 9.00 - 18.00, duration approx. 8 hours
  • Maximum of 3 brands can participate in the workshop
  • Individual approach at the consultation level
  • Output: content strategy for your brand's priority target group based on the STDC framework


What will the workshop bring to you:

You will build on what you learned at the first workshop and develop your ideas further

It will be ideal if you manage to engage your colleagues into it.

You will have enough time to prepare and find data before the workshop, to help you come up with the best content strategy.

We will reflect on the framework of customer needs, concerns, expectations and desires that you have defined at your first workshop.

We will explain the principle of the HERO - HUB - HELP content breakdown and how to work with it.

We will help you create a content strategy for a priority target group based on the See-Think-Do-Care framework. This will outline the appropriate content and channels for their dissemination for each stage of the customer's purchase cycle.



With one representative of a brand: 5,900 CZK excl. VAT

With two representatives of a brand: 9,900 CZK excl. VAT

With three representatives of a brand: 11,900 CZK excl. VAT


If you are interested in a follow-up workshop Content Marketing that does not fail II, please contact us at

Still hesitating? What did they say about the workshop?

Zdeňka Linková from CBRE, one of the world's largest developer companies

"I've taken a part in the Focus Agency seminar, Content marketing, that doesn't fail, led by Petr Michl. The seminar was definitely beneficial. The questionnaire we filled in during the workshop helped me to sort out my thoughts and summarize the goals and mission of the project.

Peter led the seminar in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. His presentations were interesting especially due to practice examples. I would recommend the seminar under Peter's guidance to all those who are a little bit concerned about where to go with your project / company, how to start with content marketing and who want to see what others are doing. "


Our workshop has something to offer also to representatives of such a challenging and regulated segment as pharmacy. Hana Čapková from Eli Lilly and Company confirms it.

"The seminar was conducted very professionally. Petr Michl explained the topic well and supported his understanding with many practical examples, which I liked very much. The course was very motivating for me, forced me to think and helped in directing my further work. "

Are you worried that the workshop is just for big companies? Don't worry, Sarah Hüttlová from the children's goods dealer Ondálek recommends us.

"An interesting, beneficial and inspiring workshop. Thanks to a small group of participants, it was focused on practice and on the real environment of individual companies. "

The workshop will be useful for you, even if you already do the content marketing to its fullest. Helena Míšková from Country Life says:

"I have attended a perfect workshop conducted interactively and teamwise so that all of its participants could enrich their experiences and insights with each other. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and approach and sharing of experiences from other fields. I would recommend the workshop to representatives of brands who are already doing content marketing. It gives you the opportunity to create overall view on your activities. Country Life publishes its own magazine and creates a lot of content for the digital environment, yet I have received many suggestions for how to move our content marketing forward."

Štěpán Kišš from Al-Namura is responsible for the communication of the Big Shock energy drinks brand. It has great social media communication and excellent video content. Recently, they have published a video that has achieved more than 1.2 million views on Facebook in 10 days. Yet he came to the workshop with the question of where primarily to move the video content and meeting with us helped him.

"The workshop has given me a better idea of how we can better fit our content, as well as think about how we can work with content marketing in the future, and what direction to go."

Tomáš Vohnický has a difficult role in Komerční banka. He is in charge of communicating a traditional bank in social media. He, too, appreciated the fact that the participants did not spend the whole day simply receiving information, but tried to find content opportunities that would help them.

"Thanks to the 'Content marketing, that doesn't fail' workshop led by Petr Michl, I have confirmed myself that some of the visions I have in my mind are meaningful. Therefore I hope even more they will go through the execution phase and become part of our company's communication. I appreciate how the workshop was conducted. Not as a series of lectures, but as a discussion with regard to practical use. I particularly appreciate lecturer's cooperation and guidance through all the day."

Milena Chroustová takes care of communication in Securitas, the world and Czech leader in providing security services. During the all-day meeting, she got a lot of tips on how to start content marketing.

"During the workshop, I realized a lot of content giving a room for improvement to Securitas: whether it concerns communication with potential employees and customers, or taking care of existing ones. In addition, I have also received a lot of tips on how to handle this content. Therefore, I definitely recommend the workshop."

Don't stay behind with your knowledge and join them

“The seminar was conducted very professionally. Petr Michl explained the topic well and supported his understanding with many practical examples, which I liked very much. The course was very motivating for me, forced me to think and helped in directing my further work. ”

The next workshop date

Thursday, May 23 2019 from 12.45 to 18h
Focus Agency,
Štefánikova 43a,
Praha 5 - Smíchov
4.900 CZK excl. VAT

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