Trends in media communication

> Wednesday, May 29, 2019, from 9 to 13h

Our goal is to present the latest trends in the field of media, PR and communication, which will provide you with a comprehensive picture of the possibilities of using modern communication tools.

Are we really watching television less than before? And what about the radio - has it been replaced by YouTube or Facebook? And how about the 50+ generation? Do they really know about the Internet just from hearing?

We will bring you surprising data, provide information on social networking news and present you interesting case studies.




Among others, the following topics await you::

Trends in traditional media

  • What are the trends in media buying in 2018 and how will they evolve in 2019?
  • Who is watching TV, listening to the radio, reading the printed headlines?
  • Are traditional media competitive to online media?

Trends in digital media

  • Why content marketing is important
  • Trends in online ad buying. What exactly do you pay for?
  • Brand safety
  • Moment marketing

Social networking and social media

  • Facebook - a phenomenon that has gone away?
  • Trends on Instagram
  • YouTube and what to expect from it in 2019?
  • Twitter and LinkedIn - what are they worth for you?

Trends in PR communication

  • How has the work of journalists and media relations changed
  • Tabloidization of content - the trend of today?
  • How to evaluate PR and PR agency performance

Workshop will be guided by:

Robert Svoboda,FOCUS AGENCY
Robert Svoboda

Robert Svoboda has over 20 years' experience with dozens of successful projects done.

Ludmila Hamplová

An experienced journalist with long years of practice.

Ludmila Hamplová,FOCUS AGENCY

Still hesitating? What did they say about the workshop?

"I really enjoyed the workshop, especially I liked the course of the whole workshop, that I would compare to the discussion involving all the participants. As for us, I just realized that the things we do are going in the right direction and we have to continue and improve on that. For me, it was a great workshop, including working in groups. I honestly give it the highest mark :-)."

Kristýna Hrubčíková, Hamé

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