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How do you ensure that customers learn about your products and services? Do your customers know the benefits of your products? How do you differentiate yourself from your market competitors? Let's create a communication strategy that will make your business visible and boost your competitiveness.

Michaela Škopková, FOCUS AGENCY

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Michaela Škopková   /   Account Director

Make your business visible

Market competition is huge and customers have plenty to choose from. And the winner is often the one who is the most visible, not the best. Underestimating marketing communication does not pay off because competition with its own strategy will easily gain a valuable advantage. The importance of the communication strategy is also growing with new products and services.

We will help you answer basic questions about your business visibility and set up your effective marketing communication.

  • What is the position of your products and services and the brand of your company?
  • How do you currently communicate with existing and potential customers?
  • Who is responsible for marketing communication of your business?
  • What is your current marketing communication strategy?
  • How do you measure the results and effectiveness of your communication?

Communication strategy in practice

We have created and launched a long line of communication strategies to support brands, products and services for our clients from different business sectors.

  • We have developed a communication strategy for a new brand in the field of healthy nutrition.
  • With successful communication campaigns, we have introduced the benefits of tick-borne encephalitis vaccination.
  • We have developed marketing communication strategies for ITC companies.

We create communication strategies in close cooperation with our clients' marketing. Usually we implement the proposed strategies, but we also act as consultants to strategies to be implemented by company's internal resources.

From our work: Communication strategy for Baxter Czech/Pfizer

Pfizer (formerly Baxter) is a manufacturer of prescription-only FSME-IMMUN vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis. Our task during the cooperation between 2011 and 2016 was to acquaint the general public with the issue of tick-borne encephalitis, especially with the serious consequences of this disease. The metric of our performance was an increase in the vaccination coverage of the Czech population by 1% each year, at least to 23%.

  • When communicating the topic of vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis, we emphasized media relations in order to get the maximum editorial space for the client.
  • We focused primarily on outputs in the form of thematic articles, interviews and patient stories.
  • We have run an outdoor campaign on benches, Vaccination Truck roadshow and event in Prague Zoo named 'In the footsteps of a tick'.
  • The objectives of the campaign run in 2011-2016 have been significantly outperformed.

"The campaign was aimed at the general public and focused on both classical product PR and education. Focus has greatly exploited the theme and, using various formats, enforced tick-borne encephalitis theme in all types of media. Campaign results have proven to help increase FSME-IMMUN sales."

Iveta Soudná   /   Senior Product Manager Vaccines, Baxter Czech

We will help you too

Together we will identify the current position of your brand on the market and set goals to be achieved by marketing communication:

We will design a communication strategy to meet our goals, including needed tools and communication channels.

We will engage modern communication methods such as content marketing, social networking or video in our strategy.

We set the prerequisites for implementing the communication strategy and set the criteria for measuring its success.

Does it sound good to you? Let's just meet up.