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Social networks are a phenomenon of today. Hardly any company know how to use their potential for building its brand and marketing their products or services. Effectively targeted ads on Facebook or other social networks are quite challenging task as well.

Lucka Harvánková, FOCUS AGENCY


Lucka Harvánková   /   Social Media

Social network marketing

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer great potential for content marketing and targeted advertising. But many companies do not have the necessary experience to manage their profiles on social networks and seize the opportunity of direct communication with customers and influencers. Social network marketing is an independent, challenging discipline that requires insight and knowledge.

If you decide to start working with social networks on your own, consider time-constraints and very thin boundaries between successful presentations and damage to your business image.

  • Do you want to make your brand more visible on social networks?
  • Are your products and services suitable for presentation on Facebook and other social networks?
  • Do you have sufficient capacity to regularly create content for social networks and media?
  • Would you like to apply the precise targeting on your ad on Facebook?
  • Are social networks an important component of your content marketing?

Social media in practice

Working with social media does not end with registering a Facebook account. If you start marketing on social networks, you need to pay attention to them every day.

  • In cooperation with a youtuber, we have successfully promoted a board game in social networks.
  • Through Instagram photos and blogs, we've promoted a new coffee brand.
  • We've helped increase visibility of a baby care brand on Facebook and YouTube

For your successful social media campaign, it's not just posts what you need. You need to get in touch with the community and get influencers on your side.

From our work: Campaign for Herbacos-Bofarma

Herbacos-Bofarma is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of medicines, cosmetics, pharmacy raw materials, food supplements and other similar products. The main task of our cooperation was to expand the awareness of Rybilka Neo products and communicate their properties, especially towards baby parents.

  • To disrupt preconceived notions in consumer minds, we used our online influencer campaign.
  • We collaborated with mothers among youtubers and bloggers, who regularly shared their experiences with Rybilka Neo products with their fans on the Internet and in social networks.
  • Posts on satisfaction of mothers and their children with Rybilka Neo could be read on two blogs and viewed on four YouTube channels.

"We have been working with Focus on several projects, but this time we needed something special - to introduce an innovative product with a traditional name to completely new customers. The online campaign engaging influencers on blogs and YouTube has proven to be a great success and we plan to work with our other brands and products in a similar way in the future."

Petra Hloušková   /   Herbacos-Bofarma

We will help you too

Under the influence of social networks and the Internet in general, the world of media is fundamentally changing. We will help you turn these changes into your advantage and build your media relations:

We will advise you on which social networks and media best match your marketing and communication strategy.

We will help you to create content and make contact with community and influencers.

We will plan with you effective advertising campaigns on Facebook or other social media.

Does it sound good to you? Let's just meet up.

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